Speaker Presentations 2019

LIVEXchange 2019: Welfare beyond borders provided a unique opportunity for industry stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the Australian livestock export trade. The theme was recognition of both progress to date and the need for greater transparency.

The full LIVEXchange 2019 Program can be viewed here and a video recording of each presentation and panel session can be viewed below.

Vision for the future of the Livestock Export Program VIDEO

The practicalities of ASEL and ESCAS (panel) VIDEO

  • Facilitator: Stacey Wordsworth, President, Rural Press Club of Queensland
  • Justin Slaughter, Chief Executive Officer, AUSTREX
  • Kari Moffat, Manager, Animal Welfare Assurance, AUSTREX
  • Libbi Thompson, Northern Operations Manager, AUSTREX
  • Jake Morse, Director, AUSTREX

Market outlook VIDEO

Economic value of the trade VIDEO

  • Matt Dalgleish, Senior Market Analyst, Mecardo PRESENTATION

In-market insights (panel) VIDEO

  • Facilitator: Greg Pankhurst, President, QLEA
  • Valeska, Country Manager – Indonesia, MLA
  • Dr Michael Patching, Livestock Services Manager – Asia Pacific, MLA
  • Dan Lynch, cattle producer, Stapleton Pastoral Company
  • Brooke Barkla, Quality Assurance Manager, JJAA Indonesia

Blueprint for RD&E VIDEO

  • Matt Graham, Independent Chair, Livestock Export Research & Development Advisory Committee PRESENTATION

AUSTREX (lunch sponsor) VIDEO

Food beyond borders VIDEO

  • Sam Burke, Corporate Chef, MLA

Welcome from the Chair VIDEO

  • Terry Enright, Outgoing Chair of LiveCorp

Ministerial address VIDEO

  • The Hon Mark Furner MP, Queensland Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries

Flood recovery update  VIDEO

  • Tracey Hayes, Advisory Board member, North Queensland Livestock Industry Recovery Agency PRESENTATION

Keynote: Global food trends and what they mean for livestock exports VIDEO

Sustainability: Yes, it’s a thing. But just how important is it to countries, companies and consumers? VIDEO

  • Sarah Hyland, Sustainability Communications Manager, MLA PRESENTATION

Global food trends and what they mean (panel) VIDEO

  • Facilitator: Professor David Hughes, Imperial College London
  • Dicky Adiwoso, President Director, JJAA Indonesia
  • Jess Cham, President, Philippines Meat Importers & Traders Association
  • Yusof Dayan Iskandar Carey, Founder, Butcher Carey

Network or perish VIDEO

  • Robyn Henderson, General Manager, Networking to Win PRESENTATION

Communicating change VIDEO

  • Annie Frisch, Communications and Media Director, ALEC PRESENTATION
  • Kaaren Latham, Communications Manager, LiveCorp

Keynote: Leading change VIDEO

Zero risk – is it achievable or desirable? (panel) VIDEO

  • Facilitator: Jason Clarke, Mindworker, Minds at Work
  • Ken Harrison, Associate Director of Education and Training, CareFlight
  • Sally McDow, Partner, CPR Partners
  • Mark Minchin, Managing Partner, Minchin Moore

Vision from the regulator VIDEO

  • Dr Melissa McEwen, Principal Regulatory Officer, Live Animal Exports, Department of Agriculture PRESENTATION

Preparing for African swine fever VIDEO

  • Sarah Corcoran, Executive Director Biosecurity and Animal Welfare, NT Department of Primary Industries and Resources PRESENTATION

Community attitudes

  • Kieren Moffat, Chief Executive Officer, Voconiq

Beyond welfare (panel) VIDEO

  • Facilitator: Don Mackay, Chair, Red Meat Advisory Council
  • Ian Halleen, Managing Director, Halleen Australasian Livestock Traders
  • Greg Pankhurst, President, QLEA
  • Troy Trevor, Managing Director, Queensland Rural

Pregnancy diagnosis: risks, myths and opportunities VIDEO

  • Dr Ian Bradshaw, President, Australian Cattle Veterinarians PRESENTATION

Vessel technology VIDEO

  • Lennart Ephraim – Chartering Manager, Livestock Express PRESENTATION

LGAP progress update VIDEO

  • Dr Eliot Forbes – Chief Executive Officer, AniMark PRESENTATION

Where to from here? (panel) VIDEO

  • Facilitator: Peter Barnard, Director, Oliver Doan
  • Sam Brown, Chief Executive Officer, LiveCorp
  • Mark Harvey-Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, ALEC
  • Geoff Pearson, Director, Cattle Council of Australia
  • John Cunnington, The Cattle Collective