2013: It’s a wrap!

The changing face of the Australian livestock export industry

The inaugural LIVEXchange conference was held in Townsville, Queensland on Thursday 31 October and Friday 1 November 2013.

The conference attracted more than 300 participants from across the livestock export supply chain and representatives from a number of Australia’s export markets.

We value and thank all participants, speakers and of course the many sponsors of the conference.

The conference was all about sharing information and insight into the livestock export trade, breaking down knowledge barriers, being open about industry challenges and demonstrating industry’s commitment and ongoing effort to improve animal welfare in our supply chains.

Some of the conference presentations are now available to the public. We really hope that you will enjoy the videos as much as we enjoyed and learned from the live presentations.

We value your interest in the livestock export industry’s inaugural national conference and your interest in the future of the Australian livestock export industry.

The Australian livestock export sector aims to be a world leader in the reliable supply of high quality, healthy and disease-free livestock to global markets. We aim to set the benchmark in live animal supply chain management  and demonstrate that the export of livestock can be done with care and concern for animal welfare.  In doing so, the industry is underpinning the economic needs of Australian livestock producers and helping improve animal welfare in the markets in which we operate.

With thanks

The Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council, LiveCorp & The Queensland Livestock Exporters’ Association